Mak Power Wireless Speaker SP 55

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Mak Power Wireless Speaker SP 55

Mak Power Mobile Accessories offering the Mak Power Wireless Speaker SP 55  in overall in India. So that is  one of the best  selling products in the market.

 Wireless Speaker: Product Specifications

Effective distance : 10 M

Output Power : 3Wx2

Horn Size : 3×2+4 inches

Charging Voltage : DC 5 V

Frequency Response : 90 Hz to 20 KHz

Distortion : 1%

Audio Input : Bluetooth,TF Card ,AUX , USB Drive

Speaker Unit : 4Ω

Adjustment : Key

Bluetooth Version : 4.2

Battery : 1500 mA Lithium Battery

Mak Power Wireless Speaker SP 55 is the one of the best growing brand of mobile accessories all products and more demanding in India .It is a portable wireless  Bluetooth speaker that delivers surprisingly powerful stereo sound.

If you are shopping for wireless speakers, there are a few things to watch out for to avoid unwanted surprises and to ensure that you are getting the best bang for the buck. So wireless speakers are tempting since they eliminate the speaker cable and do away with having an external amplifier.


After paired, you can enjoy the music with speakers that offer you great sound quality. If your device does not have Bluetooth function, you have no need to worry about it. The speaker’s  aux mode allows to connect with any audio device, after connected.

There is wireless outdoor speakers are just as good and have many of the same features as their forerunner, the indoor speaker. A few details may differ such as difference in size of the speakers. They have exceptional sound quality that will not weaken if someone is a distance from the speaker.

You can take the speakers with you where ever you go. If you and friends want to go to the park for a volleyball party, you can bring your ipod and speakers and have fun while you play. There is no worry of dealing with tons of bothersome wires.

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