Mak Power Wireless Speaker SP 40

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Mak Power Portable Wireless Speaker SP 40

Mak Power Mobile Accessories is offering the best growing brand product Mak Power Wireless Speaker SP 40 In Delhi and overall in India.

Wireless Speaker SP 40: Product Specifications

Portable Wireless Speaker

Multi functional wireless / TF Card / USB input / AUX input

Speaker 4Ω 5 W

Battery 3.7 V 1200 mAh Lithium battery

Playing time up to 5 hours

Charging time : 2-3 hours,

Input Voltage : DC 5V-1A

Product Weight : 310 g

Features of Mak Power Wireless Speaker 

Ability To Play Music From All Your Sources

Separate Room Controls
Strong Wireless Network Signals
Integration With Existing Equipment and Many More

There are Some Others Features Speaker

There are no wires, so you have a clean and flexible set up of your audio system

The Mak power wireless speaker SP 40  provides very easy installation and It can be used to transport the music to the places in your home and create the effect of surround system

It spreads the music to places in one room and it can be used to spread the music in different rooms from one central point and also they can be used as great solution for parties, get together and other similar happenings

Mak power wireless speaker SP 40 is built in microphone and when a call comes in or rejects the call, it can be realized by pressing the play button.

Benefits of Wireless Speaker SP 40 

Mak Power Wireless Speaker SP 40 has the Powerful sound rich notes and premium sound from all directions and it also has the  TWS technology that can  pair two speakers to get the party started with thunderous bass.
It also can  Possible connection to all Bluetooth enabled devices and   Waterproof , Rain or shine, enjoy the carnival in any  weather. The Mak Power  Speaker is a wireless home speaker. So It is  also a portable Bluetooth speaker and It is a voice controlled speaker, too.

So  mak power mobile accessories is offering the  best brand product with good quality product in Delhi and Overall in India. So that As soon as you have chosen a range of wireless loudspeakers, it is time to explore a few of the specifications in more detail to help you narrow down your search to one product.

The Mak Power Speakers  types of speakers that are installed in the cars are manufactured in the manner that they do not interfere with the radio waves. These speakers come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. In case you like to flaunt your speakers, then you should go for the ones, which look like the regular ones. Complete with the mesh and the woofers showing, your guests will know from where the impressive and solid beats are coming.

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