Mak Power Wireless Speaker SP 36

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Mak Power Wireless Speaker SP 36

The Mak Power Mobile Accessories is the growing brand of mobile accessories products in India and we are offering the best our product Mak Power Mobile Wireless Speaker SP 36 In overall India with good quality.

Waterproof Speaker Extra Bass Sound Rock With 5 Hours Backup

Product Feature:

Product and Powerful Wireless Bluetooth Streaming Speaker

Built-in-microphone allows you to answer calls without skipping a beat

Rechargeable Battery for Convenient Portability and Extended Playback Time

USB, TF Card/ FM Radio & AUX in support with dynamic sound effect

Dual External Passive Bass Radiators

Durable Silicon & Rubber matte finish, offers all around protection against dust and water

Portable Wireless Speaker

Multi functional wireless / TF Card / USB input / AUX input

Speaker 4Ω 5 W

Battery 3.7 V 1200 mAh Lithium battery

Playing time up to 5 hours

Charging time : 2-3 hours

Input Voltage : DC 5V-1A

Product Weight : 410 g

There are many people that truly love music and love to share their collection of music with others. Many people use portable headphones when listening to their portable devices, but there are other options to the way you listen to music.

There are a number of different reasons. First, portable speakers allow you to enjoy your music as loud as you want without hurting your ear drums. There has been a lot of research that proves ear buds can damage your ears over the years of constant use. Another reason is to be able to share your music with a group of your friends whenever you want. If you are listening to an iPod, but want your friends to be able to listen too, you can easily do this if you have portable speakers.

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