Mak Power Sports Wireless Headset Neck Band BT 27

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 Mak Power Sports Wireless Headset Neck Band BT 27

Mak Power Mobile Accessories offers Mak Power Wireless Headset Neck Band BT 27,so it is one of best wireless headset available in the market.

Wireless Headset Neck Band BT 27 : Product Specifications

Wireless Headset
BT version: V4.1
Radius: 10m
Standby Time: 10 days
Playback Time: 10+ hours

Quick Charge: 10 Minute Fast Charge
Mak Power Bluetooth Headset Suitable for a variety of mobile phones, iPhone, iPod,
iPad, Tablet and so many other devices.

Because Mak Power Bluetooth Headset BT 27 is of innovative magnet design and its features makes it an outstanding product. Because BT 27 having more then 10 hours playback time and stand by timing is of about 10 Days ,so it is one best Bluetooth in the market. It is with quick and Fast Charging with in 10 Minutes features, so makes it quick charge device.
It is easy to wear around your neck like a necklace and helps to decreases the burden on ears makes your stylish status symbol.

BT 27 is splash proof, indication call function and full charge, but also have voice assistant support and built-in rechargeable battery.

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Additional Features:

Mak Power BT 27 is of crystal clear wireless transmission in HD sound, because of this its one of the best selling product . Mak Power BT 27 is of crystal clear wireless transmission in HD sound. Redefine your style with Mak Power Mobile Accessories Products.

Mak Power BT 27 is Best for all occasion. It is Ideal for Hands free Calls and listen to Music while Driving, Walking, Running and doing other activities.

Mak Power Bluetooth Headset BT 27 Noise canceling technology ensures an interruption-free listen experience for the user.

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