Mak Power Sports Wireless Headset Neck Band BT 11

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Mak Power Sports Wireless Headset NeckBand BT 11

Mak Power Mobile Accessories offers Mak Power Wireless Headset Neck Band BT 11 ,so it is one of best wireless headset available in the market.

Wireless Headset NeckBand BT 11 : Product Specifications

Wireless Headset
BT version: V4.1
Radius: 10m
Standby Time: 10 days
Playback Time: 36+ hours
Suitable for a variety of mobile phones, iPhone, iPod,
iPad, Tablet

This Mak Power Wireless Headset Neck Band BT 11  headphones are right around your neck when you need them take music around your neck Thanks to the neckband design you won’t have to dig through your bag or pockets when you want to listen to some music or make a phone call Shark Like Magnetic Earbuds

Because of the built in magnet attracts your earbuds when you do not need them so you don’t worry that the earbuds will be intertwined More Stable and Faster Connection Featured with the latest.

The new Wireless Headset Neck Band  combines sleek design, immaculate sound performance and take-anywhere mobility. This neckband headset made of luxurious and high quality materials that offers exceptional hi fi wireless sound  and a ten hour battery life, it is the perfect companion to mobile devices.

For superior acoustic precision its stainless steel in ear sound tunnels have been custom machined. Its high quality dynamic speaker system delivers the signature Momentum sound effortlessly powerful bass response, detailed vocal projection and a great sound stage.

There are some Benefits , If you are  Looking at wireless headphones, the first and most important advantage they have is convenience. Bluetooth, especially in its latest version, allows up to 33ft of distance between device are and headphones.

The wireless headphones are still more expensive than the wired variety and charging requirement, because power can’t be transmitted through a cable, your wireless earbuds and headphones will need a fresh power boost every day.

The pairing of a device via Bluetooth can be off putting, especially when the alternative is simple plug and play and as with the trend in cellphone technology to sacrifice ruggedness for removing just a few more millimeters from overall size, wireless headphones can be fragile, making them less resistant to drops or shocks.

Features of Wireless Headset Neck Band BT 11

So that these headphones is very nice product I am also  wears these to work every day. We have probably bought 6 pairs over the last 7 years. My husband is a union insulator, and he is hard on the headphones.  Because of If they were mine, they probably wouldn’t wear out for years. They sound good, music and podcasts and the jaws hold the headphone part so it’s not swinging around. The only thing that could be improved is the magnet in this version.

This wireless headset neckband , Normally the magnet grabs the headphones quickly and securely without and need of help from user, but my husband said he has to put them up there in almost the exact location, then he has to feel the pull before it attaches to the jaws.

So you will enjoy with this product really , I listen to audio books all the time and this make it easy to do that wile driving or work in. The hands free on the phone also is exhalent. It works well for phone chats when I ride my motorcycle as well. I will keep getting and highly recommend.

Headsets can be categorized based on the method by :

Over the head Behind the neck
Over the ear
In the car

Because Mak Power Bluetooth Headset BT 11 is of innovative magnet design and its features makes it an outstanding product. Because BT 27 having more then 10 hours playback time and stand by timing is of about 10 Days.

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