Mak Power Sports Wireless Headset Neck Band BT 09

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Mak Power Sports Wireless Headset NeckBand BT 09

Mak Power Mobile Accessories offering the Mak Power Wireless Headset NeckBand BT 09 and It is the one of the  best wireless Headset of Mak Power but most selling product in the market.

Wireless Headset
BT version: V4.1
Radius: 10m
Standby Time: 10 days
Playback Time: 5+ hours
Suitable for a variety of mobile phones, iPhone, iPod,
iPad, Tablet

Wireless Headset NeckBand BT 09 , it  is not connected directly but  to its original device is called a wireless headset and the device can be a cell phone, a computer, a tv and  a laptop or a gaming comfort. It is , Wireless Headset Neck Band BT 09  is a  Unique ring-necked design, opening up a new era of Bluetooth.

Wireless Headset Neck Band BT 09  is the best brand because gives the user the ability to use their hands for other jobs as well as the ability to move from place to place. so you can get few Benefit by using wireless Headset Neck Band BT 09 .Because ,wireless headset  has high quality, audio quality and  battery life, etc. So it is  the best wireless Headset of Mak Power brand because of the most selling product in the market and available in overall in India With a comfortable fit and a stylish design.

it is  very nice product and most selling product in the market because of its designed keeping in mind  the importance of listening to music while jogging, gyming and also if you are doing any other kind of physical activity. Because wireless Headset is the most branding product of the mak power mobile accessories in India.

 Features of Wireless Headset Neck Band BT 09

Wireless Headset technology features faster and stable signal transmission, clearer sound quality and lower power consumption. You can enjoy clear, natural sound from this durable.

So with the help you can pick up that is connected, put down that hang, Driving the call, pick up the headset is automatically answered and the headset back into the car charger base, that is automatically hang up. It has vibration and voice prompt  ,vibration and voice prompt top level sound quality , noise-cancelling microphone and long working time, wide compatibility and connect two devices and also sweatproof wireless headphones.

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